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Dryer Repair in Fullerton CA - (657) 221-1717

Are you having difficulty locating hard-to-find dryer parts in Fullerton CA?

If this is the case for your household, then you can stop looking. Fullerton dryer repair can be available to local residents with just one simple phone call. We just so happen to specialize in locating all types of dryer parts, even for older makes and models. So invite one of our friendly technicians over today to assist with your dryer repair issues. We are confident that you'll become one of our happy, life-long customers.

We make it our mission to deliver prompt, efficient, yet affordable dryer repair to all of our customers in Fullerton CA. It is a well known fact in the industry that having routine maintenance services performed is essential in preserving the life of your dryer and dryer parts. So book an appointment today to have the major appliances in your home serviced. We definitely notice a difference in the well-maintained appliances, verses those appliances that were not maintained.

We are proud of our many accomplishments as a company in the appliance repair industry. Dryer repair in Fullerton CA is available to you now. Book your appointment today and be sure to ask an agent about receiving same-day dryer repair in Fullerton CA. We understand just how busy and even hectic most modern day households are. Having a dryer that is not up to acceptable standards should not be tolerated long. A good majority of our business comes from referrals so be sure to share your good experience with friends, neighbors, and family members in Fullerton CA.

Helpful Appliance Repair Tips

Want to increase the efficiency and speed of your dryer? Here's a neat trick! Put a dry towel in with the load when it first starts. After 15 minutes, take the towel out. You will now have a towel outside of the dryer that has absorbed some of the moisture from within the dryer. This effectively takes out a fair bit of moisture that, otherwise, would have been floating around inside the dryer. This means the load will finish quicker and less energy will be used.


Avantgarde Appliance Repair of Fullerton

508 N Gilbert St , Fullerton, CA 92833

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we're open 7 days a week, 8AM - 8PM
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